Find the real faces of your brand

Village Cinemas partnered with Kamio for the 'Face of Village' © Village Cinemas 2017.

Now real Village Cinemas customers star in their ads.

Celebrate customers with a Kamio Face of Brand campaign.

Sometimes the imperfect truth is more engaging than an aspirational fantasy. Featuring real people, genuine customers and even staff in ads can make your brand more, well... real.

With a Kamio 'Face of Brand' campaign you can engage customers while you discover and manage your royalty free talent pool.

Kamio's Facebook intergration lets customers build a talent profile in just minutes, while our agency tools make screening, shortlisting and booking a breeze.

How a face of Brand campaign works.

Kamio Face of Brand campaigns allow you to recruit and cast talent in just a few days, here's how it works.

Invite people to get a little famous.

Customise your campaign page and direct customers to it using channels such as email and social media.

People connect using Facebook.

People sign-up with Facebook providing basic details and choosing a few favourite images of themselves.

Review, shortlist and cast talent.

Kamios agent tools allow you to quickly shortlist suitable talent and send out offers to attend a casting.

Make offers, bookings and payments.

Kamio Royalty Free Fame celebrates your customers and saves money compared to professional talent.

See how easy it is to cast your next photo shoot.